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Free Consultation 

Please contact me for a no fee and no obligation interview. It is important to find the doula who is right for your family without the pressure of a fee.

Postpartum Doula Support

Services are available for singletons or multiples during the period of birth through 14 weeks (Infants older than 14 weeks through special arrangement).

You may contact me while you are pregnant or after you are home.  If you make arrangements while you are pregnant, I will guarantee my availability to your family for 3 weeks prior to your estimated due date until the birth day and through the contracted period.

Each family is unique and will have different needs during this period.  I will support, educate and nurture your family in the ways in which you need. Please let me know if there are any other services you may need during this time. 

Visits may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Ensuring everyone has their practical needs met 

  • Maximizing rest for the parents

  • Breastfeeding instruction and coaching via hands on support 

  • Newborn feeding instruction and support 

  • Pumping instruction and support

  • Soothing techniques 

  • Practical strategies for easing into life with a newborn

  • Gently guiding your infant to sleep for longer stretches at night when developmentally and physically appropriate

  • Newborn and infant development education

  • Support in processing the birth experience

  • Observing the parents for signs of postpartum mood disorders and assisting in seeking professional support

  • Helping the new parents in following medical care orders

  • Sibling support

  • Referrals to local resources and professionals

  • Organizing the nursery

  • Newborn/Infant care training for in-home caregivers

  • SIDS prevention/Safe to Sleep campaign education

Doula services​

  • Overnight shifts: 8 hour shifts available Sunday through Thursday nights (Friday or Saturday nights by special arrangement)

  • Day shifts: 3 - 6 hour shifts available Monday-Friday

  • Part time or Full time support available

  • Short notice, single night or back up care available.  

Rates -Nebraska

  • Day: $30/Hour

  • Overnight: $35/hour

  • Payments are accepted by check, debit card, cash or ACH transfers

  • Please contact me for availability and rates in California

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