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"Tracy became our doula when our twin boys were born. She impressed us with her knowledge, expertise, experience and professionalism. Tracy is a great educator and has the patience and understanding of what mothers go through with a newborn, especially twins. With Tracy in charge, my husband and I could literally walk away and NOT WORRY about anything (we are two surgeons and relinquishing control is not easy for us). What makes Tracy so amazing is how insightful she is and great at anticipating issues before anything becomes a problem. She is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. Even our nine year old loved Tracy who was so supportive of her.  If we have another child, we will ABSOLUTELY ask Tracy to be our doula and hope that she accepts." 
-S. & J. Fairfield, CA

"If you are reading this, congratulations on your pending new arrival!  Nearly a year after Tracy worked with us, we can sincerely say that she provided us with high-quality service and set us up for success.  She is caring, efficient, punctual, and has a great sense of humor that was really appreciated in the sleep-deprived newborn stage.  From lactation support to setting up a good routine, she offered supportive and non-judgmental help.  We would definitely hire her again and we hope she will be a great fit for your family too."

-L. Santa Rosa, CA

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"Tracy is truly amazing! She came to my home 4 nights a week to help me recover from my childbirth and give me some much needed rest so I could be a great Mom to my newborn as well as my 2 older children. I appreciated her expertise while figuring out the needs of my newborn, as well as her sense of humor! Hiring Tracy gave us our sanity and helped us to better enjoy the first weeks with a newborn."

-R. Lafayette, CA

"Tracy has been the biggest help for our family.  We tried to do the twin baby thing without help and it was such a struggle.  About two months in and lacking sleep in a big way I was referred to Tracy by another twin mom and that was the best call I made.  She immediately helped me.  She wasn't sure of her availability but said she needed to check with another family and another doula to see if maybe they could help more.  The same day she had cleared her schedule and turned out to be available the next week.  She came to our house twice a week for about three months and that sleep saved me.  I was so comfortable with her right away. She asked all the right questions, gave fantastic advice for scheduling the babies and naps, etc. When she left our family my babies were sleeping 7pm-7am most nights!!!  I'd highly recommend Tracy.  I know getting a night doula is pricey but it was worth every penny to get some rest and gain back my sanity!" -T. Danville, CA

Where to start...Tracy played one of the most important roles someone has played in my life. From the moment we first connected I felt at ease knowing I had someone rooting for me throughout my pregnancy and would continue to do so postpartum. I had a tougher pregnancy with my twins and it was so comforting knowing that Tracy was waiting on the other side to help guide us through this crazy-beautiful transition. We already had a toddler and adding the next two was a bit daunting at first. Of course our babies ended up coming early and right before Christmas. Tracy immediately reached out to me and offered to accommodate us the night that we came home even though it wasn't the most ideal time. My husband and I were a bit overwhelmed that night when we got home, but then Tracy walked through the door and encouraged and guided us what to do in such a well informed and gentle way. She was instantly a part of our family. Throughout the next few months, Tracy was there for us at every turn. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things baby. She helped me with breastfeeding, sleep habits and schedules, recommend products that actually worked, and answered nervous texts from me even on her days off. She was always professional, on time, respectful and easy to be around. To this day, she is still someone that I feel I can turn to for guidance. She always went above and beyond to make sure that not only the babies were cared for, but that I was too. I never felt judged and she always listened to my nerves and worries and encouraged me that I was doing great. I will forever be grateful for the imprint she left on our family. Of course the amazing sleep habits and feeding schedules are something we will always love, but it was the way she encouraged our family that was most important. My 2.5 year old loves her and asks for her to come have playdates now! So thank you Tracy and you are so lucky if you get to have her be a part of your families transition to parenthood!

-K. Corte Madera

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"Tracy has been an amazing resource for me with my first little one. I read the baby whisperer prior to giving birth but it's great to have reinforcement and reminders once baby is here, it's a lot of info to remember!  I would highly recommend her!"

-J. Walnut Creek, CA

"Tracy is fantastic.  She came to our home the day we got back from the hospital.  As a first time mother having Tracy's compassion, wisdom and expertise were priceless.  Felt comfortable with her immediately.  She knows her stuff about babies, helps around the house, took excellent care of our son, and provided me as the mother the emotional support I needed.  Absolutely loved Tracy!"

-G. El Cerrito, CA

"I cannot say enough about how incredible Tracy is. She was our nighttime, post-partum doula for two months while I recovered from a C-section. It is difficult trusting anyone with your newborn but Tracy made it easy. She is exceptionally qualified, came highly recommended, and quickly put us at ease. Every time Tracy came, I would wake up rested and I would find a very happy, relaxed, rested baby too. She helped me heal quicker and helped my husband and I be better parents for both our kids. Tracy is not only a baby-whisperer though. She truly went above and beyond. When my husband mentioned how much he was struggling taking care of two kids, the house, and me she started doing the dishes, unloading the dishwasher, and organizing our kitchen while the baby slept. When I sent her emails after her stint with us had ended, she was always incredibly responsive with tips and even leant us a Merlin suit to help our baby sleep. I only wish that I had known about Tracy with our first baby. She is amazing and I recommend her highly!"

-J. Napa, CA

Doula Tracy offers Professional Night Postpartum Doula services in Solano County, Napa Valley, East Bay, Sonoma Country, Marin County and Sacramento areas.

"My husband and I absolutely loved Tracy, and she was wonderful with our baby boy! After an emergency c-section and some post-partum health complications, we decided last-minute that we needed the help of a night doula. We worked with a couple of doulas prior to Tracy; each was great in many ways, but not exactly what we needed/wanted. Then we were referred to Tracy. We were just sorry that we hadn't learned about her earlier.  Our baby has moderately bad reflux (thankfully improving) and would cough/choke and make lots of loud, disturbing sounds while sleeping at night. They kept us awake with concern and we were really having a hard time getting sleep. We also ended up having our baby's tongue and lip ties corrected while Tracy was with us. Tracy has a lot of experience with both of those situations and gave us lots of tips, advice and talked us through what was normal or a cause for concern. She also stays awake at night - which many other night doulas don't do - and knowing that someone was awake and alert to baby's symphony of sounds really reassured me enough to try to get a bit of sleep. Tracy is also just neat to be around; she's warm, personable, and funny. She knows a lot about babies and baby care (and refluxy babies) and provides as much information as you'd like, but is never overbearing with any of her information or opinions. In short, she's absolutely fantastic and you should hire her!"

-S. Oakland, CA

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"Tracy did an excellent job! She is very professional and her calming and soothing nature are perfect. Also, she is informed and flexible & suited my needs as well."

-R. Vacaville, CA

"We tried to work with a few other people before we found Tracy. After the first night with Tracy, we knew we finally found someone we could trust and who allowed us to get some rest! I loved that Tracy is a mother of twins. So when she came to take care of our twins, I knew I didn't have to tell her a thing. She had been there, done that."  

-G. Mill Valley, CA

"Tracy is the perfect doula. She's puctual, friendly with all family members and takes her responsibilities very seriously. I loved my nights as a mother of a newborn BECAUSE of Tracy. Not only did she care wonderfully for my newborns, she gave me invaluable tips as I nursed them at the wee hours of the morning. Of all the advice I'd give to new moms, "hire Tracy Patrick," is the most valuable!"

-H. Lafayette, CA

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"Tracy's non-judgemental demeaner, calm approach & nurturing, thoughtful personality- but most of all, someone watching over our newborn all night allowed me to sleep more soundly."
-D. Danville, CA 

"Tracy is incredible at her job! My husband and I are first time parents and I can't imagine how we would have made it through the first few months without Tracy. We never felt judged by her, no matter how messy things got for us - and they got messy. She's sensitive to the emotional environment and can read people's energy well - supporting them in ways that you probably aren't capable of verbalizing at the time. Tracy is professional, dependable, knowlegable and extremly accomplished at what she does. She's a gem - don't pass her up. "  

-T. St. Helena, CA

"When we were having our second daughter, we knew how hard it would be without caring and skilled help once we came home. We were so so fortunate to find Tracy - not only did she take excellent care of me, and my newborn, but she was easy to be with and a calming, positive influence in the tiring days recovering from my C-section. We were always at ease with her around, and it was great to have her helping hands when I needed a rest. She is 100% reliable and a masterful "baby whisperer". I’ve highly recommended Tracy to many new mothers over the years, and continue to do so."

-D. San Francisco


"I can tell you that Tracy is an EXCEPTIONAL Doula. She is not only well trained but is also extremely competent in dealing with newborns, especially preemie's or multiples. She took care of our twins and did a FANTASTIC job. Always on time, always reliable, always engaged in helping the family deal with the stresses of having a newborn. Her approach is data-driven and she shares her knowledge with others. Overall, my husband and I fortunate to have had Ms. Patrick help us with our twins and we recommend her with NO RESERVATIONS."

-S. Fairfield, CA

"Tracy is fantastic! My husband and I could not have gotten through the first few months without her help. She is extremely professional, always showed up 10 minutes early and i never had to worry that my son was in great hands each night. She was very helpful with breastfeeding techniques, gave great advice on general newborn care and was a wonderful friend and companion during those first few weeks postpartum. We loved having her so much we kept extending our contract and even had her help us sleep train our son. We were very sad when our time with Tracy was over as she had become such a wonderful part of our family. We will definitely be using her again whenever we have our next child!" 

-C. Walnut Creek, CA

"We had a very positive experience with Tracy and highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a doula. Tracy was our postpartum night doula and as first time parents, we really benefitted from her gentle, reassuring expertise. We had Tracy come to help us from 10 PM to 6 AM. She would always arrive before 10 PM so that we can update her on what happened with our baby during the day or discuss any concerns we had. After we chat, we would go to bed and Tracy would get the baby to sleep. When it's time to feed the baby, Tracy would wake me up to nurse. Tracy's tips and encouragements helped me to get the hang of breastfeeding. While I nursed the baby, I would chat with Tracy and she would keep me company and answer any questions that I may have about caring for a newborn. She would also let me know what I can expect as the baby grows and changes. After the baby was done nursing, I would hand her back to Tracy and go to bed. Tracy would get the baby back to sleep. This would be repeated two or three times a night. This may sound very simple but what a blessing it was when the baby was fussy to have help calming the baby and attending to the baby's needs (burping, diaper changes, soothing) at night so that we could rest up and take care of the baby during the day. Sleep for new parents is such a luxury. It's really important to find a doula who you can trust and feel comfortable with. After all, this is someone who will be in your house and take care of your most precious little one. We were fortunate to find Tracy. She is very gentle, calm, and sweet to our baby and she was also very professional and worked to help us in whichever way we needed of her. We clicked with Tracy right away and I could easily see how she would be able to work with just about any family because she was just so sweet, kind, and  professional."

-J. Walnut Creek, CA

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"Tracy walked into the nursery and both girls were crying like crazy. My husband and I tried everything to comfort them and nothing worked! She took BOTH babies on the couch and within seconds, both babies stopped crying and were calm. At which, I said goodnight and see you in the AM!"

-J. Mill Valley, CA

"We were introduced to Tracy by our night doula when she had family issues and had to scale back her time with us. Tracy stepped right in and was amazing and helpful. Our son had been born 7 weeks premature so we were especially cautious about who was around him and we trusted Tracy completely. She helped us to get him on a good nighttime sleeping schedule and gave us tips for planning our days to keep his sleeping on track. We were so sad when the time came for Tracy to leave us but very excited that she had helped our baby to learn to sleep through the night. "

-F. Lafayette, CA

"We are so incredibly blessed to have found Tracy several years ago, she has been a savior to our family.  Spread thin with twin baby girls, we found her through a parents of multiples group. We needed help desperately, operating on no sleep & going crazy it was hard for us first time parents to let go a little, but our fears were quickly calmed when the expert arrived. I had never realized that we could have so many benefits to hiring night time help. Tracy was so professional & patient, she helped me get up to speed as a new mom. She offered wonderful advice & was very sensitive to the needs of the kids and my needs. I learned so many "hot tips" from Tracy's years of experience, a valuable benefit to utilizing a real professionally trained doula. I like to call her the baby whisperer, she had the ability to calm our colicky red head we affectionately called the "red dragon".  She would just melt in that absolute tight neat swaddle that Tracy is so well known for.  We were absolutely thrilled with her service, so much so that we are likely her longest standing clients. In short time we found a third little one was coming, we booked her in advance! I valued her company & service at the hospital more than that of my stressed out husband.  She helped us navigate through a premature difficult birth & aftercare with ease. 

Tracy's expertise & absolute brilliance with babies saved our family.  Without her service you might have found this stressed out mom of three in the nut house, instead I was well rested & stress free! I highly recommend her services to anyone who is expecting or already navigating through infancy."

-M. Walnut Creek, CA

"I was referred to Tracy by one of the surgeon's I work with and he raved about how wonderful she was. So I reached out to her and unfortunately she was not available for the time after my birth. What I am writing this review on is her awesome communication and responsiveness. She answered many questions and gave me referrals when I asked for them. I just really feel like she went above and beyond, when all she could have done was say I am not available during that time. We had multiple email exchanges and she is prompt with communication and very kind and helpful. Thank you Tracy, i really feel like you went above and beyond when you really had no reason to!"

-R. Fairfield, CA

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay

"As a first time mommy, I was terrified what life would be like post delivery.  How do you swaddle, diaper, breast feed, disinfect bottles, nipples, use all of the gadgets still unwrapped stacked on the floor? Thank goodness for Doula Tracy!  Like a cool, non- judgemental big sister, Tracy came 5 days a week from 9:45pm-6am and tended to my and my newborn's every needs. She showed me the ropes to this very complicated thing called motherhood and made my post-partum life super easy. For the first month, she would wake me up every 2 hours to breast feed (she would swaddle, diaper and settle the baby afterwards, so I can sleep). Then after a month, she showed me how to use my breast pump and Tracy would feed the baby with the pumped milk so I can sleep for 5-6 straight hours. While I was resting and recovering,  Doula Tracy would sooth and comfort the baby, do the baby's laundry, and wash and disinfect bottles, pacifiers. She is an angel for new mothers! I highly recommend Tracy. We were lucky enough to have Tracy with us for 10 weeks.  My hubby and I both agree it was the best money ever spent (what is the price of your sanity?) and plan to hire her again if we decide to have a second baby."

-L. San Francisco, CA

"Tracy attended my homebirth and was amazing. She intuitively knew what I needed and took good care of me. She helped me remain relaxed through the night and into the day. With her help I had the best birth experience I could imagine.
Thanks, Tracy!"
-A. Vallejo, CA 

Doula Tracy Postpartum Solano Napa East Bay
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